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HUSANI BASTIEN is the author of Yes We Can: Obama and Clinton Walk the Talk (co-author) and the blog

ELLIOT BASTIEN is the author of several books including Yes We Can: Obama and Clinton Walk the Talk (co-author), World-Class Trinidad & Tobago: Commemorating 50 Years of Independence (co-author), Disappointed Guests (contributor), published by Oxford University Press; Caribbean Hotel Trends: A Survey of the Financial Performance of the Caribbean Hotel Sector; Tourism Taxation and Investment Incentives in the Caribbean; Investment Opportunities in Natural Gas; “Europe in the Caribbean,” published in Symbol International Magazine, Italy; and Prospects and Problems of Export Gas Projects, Proceedings of The World Energy Conference.

Bastien wrote the book and lyrics for the full length musical, A Nancy Story, which was produced by the Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott’s Trinidad Theatre Workshop. He was a Finalist for the 2015 Bocas LitFest Poetry Prize, and an earlier prize-winning poem was selected for publication in the Arvon Foundation Sotheby’s International Poetry Competition.


He was educated at the University of Birmingham, England, where he obtained a B. Sc. in Chemical Engineering; and graduated at the top of his class twice to earn a Post-graduate Diploma in Petroleum Production Engineering, and an M. Sc .in Operational Research. At Birmingham, he won the First Year Essay Prize, and the Final Year Institute of Petroleum Prize. He was awarded a Ford Foundation Fellowship to study for his doctorate at the University of Toronto, Canada.


His work experience includes Special Advisor to the Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Sun Oil Company Ltd, for the expansion of the world’s first oil sands plant in Fort McMurray, Alberta, and for the merger of Great Canadian Oil Sands Ltd                             and Sun Oil Company Ltd, which resulted in the new entity Suncor Inc. (now the largest oil company in

Canada); Head of Finance at the National Energy Corporation of Trinidad & Tobago, where he played a key

role in the development of the natural gas industry into an industrial estate, that was recognized as the

world’s most successful model for the monetization of a country’s natural gas resources; Managing Director

of Pannell Kerr Foster (PKF) Consulting in St. Lucia, where he was responsible for the first comprehensive

financial analysis of the Caribbean hotel sector; and President of Beacon Capital Ventures in St. Maarten,

where he led the start-up of several new businesses, including the ownership and operation of a party boat in

St. Maarten. Prior to his sojourn in St. Maarten he acquired the two ferry ships, the MV Bird of Paradise and the MV Scarlet Ibis, for conversion to cruise ships.

SANDRA BERNARD-BASTIEN is an experienced journalist, whose career was launched while she was still a teenager at high school in England, when a major London newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, published one of her articles. Since that early start in journalism, she has been co-host of two TV programs at TTT, Face of the Nation and Issues and Ideas; editor of a newspaper in St. Maarten; Florida Editor of Condo Management Magazine; and executive producer of the TV program, Future First, Focus on Broward’s Children in Florida.

She has published several books including Yes We Can: Obama and Clinton Walk the Talk (co-author); World Class Trinidad & Tobago: Commemorating 50 Years of Independence (co-author); Presidential Rhetoric: Clinton & Obama Across the Interface of Race; Soul Bubba: President Clinton’s Use of the Rhetoric of Inclusion; and Who’s Who in the Caribbean Media, which included a foreword on “The Role of the Regional Media in the Caribbean Integration Process.”


Currently Chief Communications Officer at the Children’s Services Council of Broward County, Florida, she was earlier Manager of Public Relations and Advertising with Royal Bank in Trinidad; Director of International Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing for the Port de Plaisance Resort in St. Maarten; and Marketing Manager for J.E. Bergasse in St. Lucia. She was Chair of Partners in Education, a member of the Broward Library Advisory Board; board member of 211-Broward; founding member of The Florida Prosperity Partnership. Sandra has also held leadership roles in the Million Meals Committee, Broward Immigration Coalition, and the National Community of Tax Coalitions.


In recognition of her work on the Earned Income Tax Credit, she received a mayoral proclamation declaring May 3rd as Sandra Bernard-Bastien Day in Broward County, Florida. Her many other awards include 2016 Humanitarian of the Year from Hands-On Broward, Florida; Spirit of 2-1-1 Award as champion of low income families; and several US Internal Revenue Service community annual recognitions.

Sandra Bernard-Bastien received her high school education in Trinidad and England, and her college education in the US where she obtained a B.A. in English Literature from Tuskegee University and an M.A. in Communication from Florida Atlantic University.

Sandra Bernard-Bastien with President Barack Obama

Sandra Bernard-Bastien with First Lady Michelle Obama

HUSANI BASTIEN is the author of Yes We Can: Obama and Clinton Walk the Talk (co-author) and the blog

He was educated at Sidwell Friends School, Washington, D.C., whose distinguished past and present students include the children of Presidents Nixon, Clinton and Obama. While at Sidwell, he was a semi-finalist for the National Achievement Scholarship Program. Afterwards he attended George Washington University, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in information systems.

Enamored with internet technology, he has been the founder of several technology startup ventures.

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